Flannel Shirt Outfits And Ripped Jeans

Flannel shirts have been worn all around the world in the past. They were popular with the farmers and lumberjacks in the United States many years ago. Australian workers who were called “bogans” or “westies” because they were in the working class also wore flannel because of the comfort and utility. Workers around the world still wear these shirts because of the aforementioned reasons.

The ripped jeans is now very much in vogue. Indians term it as ‘ shabby fashion.’ It has worked well in most countries and is fast catching up in other places too. Teenagers especially, are crazy after this style and they sure know what looks cool on them without getting influenced by the latest trends.

The best part is that the look can be created by transforming old clothes. Just take an old pair of jeans and rip it. The rips should be on your thighs, knees and calves. It may call for a little patience, nevertheless it is quite simple. Can fashion get more affordable during the time of economic meltdown? The trend is cool, stylish, chic and economical. They are great for travelling, lounging in or even for a casual meet with friends.

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